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Community Based Rehabilitation Services (CBRS)

Community-Based Rehabilitation is a program in which participants learn specific skills that foster rehabilitation and recovery from an assigned community-based rehabilitation specialist (formerly PSR).

What is Community Based Rehabilitation Services (CBRS)?

CBRS offers a wide range of skill-building services to adults recovering from a severe and persistent mental illness. Participants work one-on-one with a CBRS worker both in their homes and in the community to enhance skills needed to reduce the impact their mental illness has on their life. Our treatment plans are guided by the participant’s goals. Not only does everyone have the right to lead a successful, fulfilling life, everyone has the right to self-determination and to choose what outcomes they want from services. A CBRS worker may work with a participant in areas including symptom management, communication and social skills, problem solving, budgeting, staying healthy, maintaining supportive relationships, and many other skills that can help participants lead a rewarding life.

The Role Of CBRS

The inclusion and participation of people with mental health problems in all aspects of community life is supported.

CBR programmes are designed to protect and promote the rights of individuals with mental health problems, to support their recovery, and to facilitate their participation and inclusion in their families and communities. CBR also contributes to the prevention of mental health problems and promotes mental health for all community members.

Desirable Outcomes

As a requirement for community development, mental health is valued by all community members.

CBR programs include people with mental health problems.

There has been an increase in community awareness about mental health, as well as a reduction in stigma and discrimination against people with mental illnesses.

As part of their recovery process, people with mental health problems can access medical, psychological, social, and economic interventions.

Support is provided to family members on an emotional and practical level.

Inclusion and participation in family and community life are improved for people with mental health problems.


Client Feedback

Here are some positive reviews from some of our clients over the past year.

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Finding Professional Help

If you're experiencing difficulties with your mental well-being, which are impacting your daily life and relationships, seeking professional help is a wise decision.

There are several options available to address your specific concerns and receive the support you need:

Schedule a discussion with your primary care physician to discuss your situation and obtain referrals to specialized resources for gender identity or mental health.

Consider seeking therapy from a qualified provider such as Calm Waters Counseling.

Inquire with your employer about any potential support programs like mentoring or peer support groups.

Reach out to local LGBTIQA+ organizations, which may offer support through group sessions, drop-ins, or mentorship programs.

Most Popular Questions

Questions that clients ask us frequently

It has historically been difficult for people with mental health problems to access support and health services, especially in low-income countries, and they have also been excluded from community-based rehabilitation programs.

A CBR program can help people with a wide range of impairments maintain and maximize their functioning at home and in the community by providing them with home and/or community-based therapy services.
In remote and rural settings, CBR has many benefits, especially in terms of lowering barriers to participation of the physically-challenged in different activities.
The goal of mental health rehabilitation is to stabilize the individual's symptoms and help them gain/regain the skills and confidence to live successfully in the community.