Our mission is to ensure you feel heard and help guide you through the ups and downs of life.

What we believe in

Therapy (or psychotherapy, sometimes called talk therapy) is the process of working with a licensed therapist or counselor to develop positive thinking and coping skills to treat specific mental health conditions like depression or anxiety, trauma, or simply the daily human challenges we all face.

Most forms of widely practiced counseling have been researched extensively and found to be extremely effective in dealing with a range of issues — from the everyday stresses of modern life to issues like past abuse in childhood. All forms of psychotherapy exist to improve clients’ mental health, but there are styles of therapy specific to issues clients face, as well as different therapeutic approaches, represented by different schools of thought around treating mental health and the nature of the mind. This means that therapy can truly be tailored to the client and their needs. 

Whatever type of counseling you engage in you can be sure that your therapist will:
• Listen with empathy and understanding
• Analyze past and present events to help clients better understand behaviors
• Comfort clients when they undergo misfortune
• Provide a third-party unbiased opinion
• Teach emotional, cognitive, and communication skills
• Guide clients through stressors and anxieties
• Provide non-directive advice
• Help provide assessment and diagnosis of mental health conditions

Therapists themselves do not prescribe medication, but they refer clients to psychiatrists, mental health facilities, or other medical professionals as needed.

Primarily, a therapist will help to understand your feelings, process events and emotions, plan your future, and develop coping skills. The most important thing is that the therapist is always there for you. They’re an impartial ally who will support you without judgment. While your friends might not text you back, your therapist is always willing to listen.